Yoga is a way
to a healthy life.

Yoga is a way of life, we encourage everyone to make Yoga a part of your Daily life. It helps overall in preventing health issue, keeps you fit & healthy. It also helps to release stress from your body & become more peaceful.


Challenge your solidarity. Stretch your body. Inhale simple. Our group of a-list teachers will enable you to develop and accomplish the entirety of your wellness and health objectives



Farhin Khatri


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By practicing yoga under Abhilash Sir, one learns to love and respect one's body internally as well as externally. I underwent certain rigorous health treatments for an ailment like a cakewalk, all due to the exercises that he had taught me all the years earlier which had made me strong internally. So, everyone start early while being healthy to use his expertise optimally. His immense knowledge as yoga guru and the way in which he makes each class interestingly different from the previous one, is highly commendable. Yoga, free hand exercises, circuit many forms he has mastered and is we are all benefitting from it. Space 7 Yoga is a class above all yoga studios in recent times.
- Chandani Thakker
It's a kind of place you don't easily come across. It’s excellent for yoga. There is positivity and encouragement. My 8 year old son enjoys it a lot. Mothers around looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate, don’t look further.
- Silvia Rodrigues
Space 7 yoga is a spacious, well equipped and a pleasant place to practice. I have been fortunate enough to learn yoga under the guidance of Abhilash sir. He is a great instructor and a fantastic human being, who genuinely cares for his students’ progress and wellbeing. He has great energy and a lovely way of teaching. He ensures proper alignment and posture is maintained during asanas. He is wonderfully able to orchestrate a class of varied levels, giving each student personalised attention. He makes yoga accessible for the beginner as well as the more seasoned practitioner. He personalises yoga routines to suit the students’ needs and offers modifications keeping in mind the students injuries/limitations. His classes are challenging and fun and always leave you feeling energized!
- Ruchi Shah
Abhilash sir is best Yoga teacher and thorough professional, I recovered from Covid 19 in three days, pranayam with traditional yoga for pre and post Covid recovery is best Yoga studio either online or offline session. Love you Abhilash Sir.
- Rao Saheb Chavan


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